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Aftermath, What Others are Saying About It

Tomorrow is my official book launch on Amazon. I wanted to share a little more about the book and tell you what others, who've already read my book, are saying about it.

What the Book is About

When a radical right-wing militia group executes a police officer and ambushes Maya and her team of first responders on a Pacific Northwest city street, paramedic Maya Murphy’s world is turned on end.

After this traumatic event, she seeks emotional safety in the quiet mountain town of South Lake Tahoe. But while mountain biking on a beautiful trail, Maya and her two dogs discover a dead mountain biker, and she finds herself caught up in the aftermath of a much more personal campaign of revenge.

Set in the adventurous world of mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and paddleboarding, this atmospheric mystery will have you holding your breath every time Maya ventures into the great outdoors. It’s a book about learning to live in the moment, a reminder that merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be enough to set off a cascade of tragic events.

While this is a work of fiction, I drew on my own personal experiences to create a compelling story. I live part-time in South Lake Tahoe and in Coloma and know the locations well. I'm an avid mt. biker, hiker, and whitewater boater. I bring that intimate knowledge to the adventures that Maya embarks on.

I worked as a paramedic so I know what murder and death look like. I was often present in the Aftermath of death and dying. I've also seen the behavior of people in extreme duress and those with mental health emergencies. It is that intimate knowledge that makes the scenes in my book realistic and believable.

Image of myself working on a patient with team. Rendered to protect identities.

Just as Maya is struggling with the worst call of her career, I have been there. The job is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others but it can come at a cost. I tried to bring that to light in a way that makes it understandable to those who are experiencing it and those watching from the outside. Thankfully, after years of denying the effects, first responders are now recognizing the need to provide mental health support to each other and through their departments.

The dogs, Rio and Kali, are modeled after my own two dogs, Taz and Mica. Sadly Taz has moved on but lives on in the pages as Rio, Maya's white German Shepard. Dogs are some of the most amazing adventure buddies. Rio and Kali are Maya's constant companions.

What Others are Saying About the Book

“An extremely intriguing story of female paramedic Maya Murphy’s discovery and investigation into the mysterious death of a woman in the small mountain of South Lake Tahoe. The author’s personal experience as a Paramedic, her expertise in mountain biking, and familiarity with the Sierra Nevada setting infused attention to details that kept the story alive and my imagination actively engaged.

All the elements are here: drama, revenge and unexpected plot twists. I fell in love with the main character, Maya, right from the start. Her vulnerability, sharp mind and tenacity make her a heroine we could all relate to and adore. The plot twists and storyline kept the pages turning for me.”

— Writer, South Lake Tahoe California

“Exceptional realism and detail were given in writing the scenes that involved anything related to how a real life first responder and paramedic would view situations. It is obvious in the descriptions that Lisa was a real life paramedic. She writes from the deep dark recesses that many first responders hide from the public and their loved ones. There are so many different levels that someone enduring that many years as a paramedic would experience. From finding the dead body to the interactions with the local fire department. She nails it. She is the real deal. She has experienced and survived both physically and mentally events that the majority of citizens could not fathom. It shows in her writing.

I was skeptical about reading this story due to living a very similar life in addition to reading stories from the male perspective about the fire and EMS service. Very generic and not to the core of the soul. Finally a story from the female's point of view.

Due to experiences in the field, Lisa has the ability to draw the reader in no matter what walk of life or career they come from. She paints a perfect picture of what she is seeing and feeling for all to understand. Several times I thought I had the plot figured out but Lisa's writing is clever and turned it in a different direction.”

— Firefighter, Washington State

"Lisa Parsons, as a first-time writer, has spun an exciting fictional adventure story about life that you don’t just read, you live it with her. She takes you on adventures doing things you’ve maybe thought about doing yourself. She explores magnificent vistas on her mountain bike rides that are not for the faint of heart, paddleboards and swims in the beautiful water of Lake Tahoe, and hikes the basin’s rugged trails.

Through her eyes, you experience the dangerous life on the streets as a paramedic while under gunfire. You cower in fear as you become part of this life.

She puts you right in the middle of a murder mystery. You become so caught up and spellbound that you can’t wait to turn the page to see what is next.  Her story will keep you in suspense until the last word is read. The memories will stay with you for days and weeks afterward. I can’t wait to see where her next book will take us."

— Gloria Olson, World Traveler, Washington State

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