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Trail of Murder in Lake Tahoe?

The beginning of the Aftermath story in Lake Tahoe starts just outside of South Lake Tahoe on the Armstrong Pass Trail. In a series of blogs, I'll be highlighting some of the different trails and outdoor adventures that Maya does while trying to shake off the aftermath of the worst emergency call of her paramedic career.

Armstrong Pass Trail can be ridden as an out and back or you can shuttle from different starting points above (Big Meadow, Horse Meadows, or TRT Grass Lake Spur) or combine other trails to create more challenging loops (Star Lake, Mr. Toads). Earlier in the season, you have to ride up Fountain Place to the trailhead. Once the gate is open, you can drive to the top of Fountain Place and park right at the Armstrong Pass Trailhead.

“Mosaics of tree bark flowed past Maya’s eyes as she leaned into the wide arc of dirt trail. Her mind was focused, and her body was attuned to the movements of the mountain bike beneath her. She left behind the aftermath of feelings that lingered from the worst call of her paramedic career.

The smooth dirt transitioned into a technical granite rock garden. She focused, choosing her line over the granite obstacles. She loved the simplicity of being engaged in the moment. No ruminating on the past or future tripping on tomorrow. On her mountain bike, she lived in the present.

She was on the Armstrong Pass trail outside of South Lake Tahoe. Maya, with her two dogs running along with her, became a wild pack of three. Her white German Shepherd, Rio, tracking right behind her rear wheel. Her other dog Kali, a Belgian Malinois, ran up ahead to make sure the trail was clear of squirrels and other quick-moving critters.

Maya let off the brakes as the trail snaked back and forth over a wide ridgeline. She pressed the edge of her tires on the outside of the corners for traction and just let the bike and the terrain do the rest. Freedom on two wheels!”

Starting at the top of Fountain Place Road access the trail and pedal your way 3.9 miles up to the intersection with the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT). This is the turnaround for the shorter, out and back, ride. The TRT left or right leads to more challenging loops.

Mileage: 7.8miles

Climb: 1,064 feet

Descent: 1064 feet

For more information on the trail and other options for extended rides visit:

When you are out on the trail, try to guess where the fictional murder, in Aftermath, takes place.

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