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The River Connection at Marco's Cafe

I discovered what others have known for years. Marco's Cafe is a local hub for river runners and locals located in Lotus California. It lies about half way between the Chili Bar put-in and the Gorge Takeout on the South Fork of the American River. A stones throw from Henningson Park and Marshall Gold State Park. A place, where at the end of an amazing day on the South Fork of the American River, you can stop for a good beer, a meal, some great music and a few embellished river stories.

Excerpt from Maya's evening at Marco's Cafe.

"She listened vicariously as he was telling his story of a flip on a river called the Tuolumne. His friends listened intently, nodded with enthusiasm and laughing as he motioned and described the boat becoming airborne and everyone falling out. There were laughs of familiarity, as if it was a story they already knew well. He glanced in her direction..."

join me at Marco's Cafe and discover for yourself what makes Marco's such a focal point for the river and larger community. Come to the launch, stay for dinner and great music. Check out the band, MC Banjo and Friends.

Book Launch Party

I will have my books available for sale and to sign copies

(cash, venmo, and paypal, accepted)


Murder • Adventure • Revenge in Lake Tahoe

June 26th

5-6pm, stay for dinner and music

7221 CA-49, Lotus, CA 95651

When a radical right-wing militia group executes a police officer and ambushes Maya and her team of first responders on a Pacific Northwest city street, paramedic Maya Murphy’s world is turned on end.

After this traumatic event, she seeks emotional safety in the quiet mountain town of South Lake Tahoe. But while mountain biking on a beautiful trail, Maya and her two dogs discover a dead mountain biker, and she finds herself caught up in the aftermath of a much more personal campaign of revenge.

Set in the adventurous world of mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and paddleboarding, this atmospheric mystery will have you holding your breath every time Maya ventures into the great outdoors. It’s a book about learning to live in the moment, a reminder that merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be enough to set off a cascade of tragic events.


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