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His Last Words on Cherry Street

“The narrow line that separates flesh and spirit”

Tony Hillerman

I watched the light leave his eyes….and return as we started CPR.

As we compressed his chest, circulating the blood through his heart, the young man cried out for his mother.

We paused to recheck for a pulse…and the light in his eyes disappeared again. No pulse.

We restarted CPR, and he whispered, “help me, momma.”

We stopped again, looking at the rhythm on our heart monitor. The green lines beat across the screen.

Again, we checked for a pulse, but the rhythm beating on the screen belied his condition. A hidden gunshot wound at his belt had ricocheted throughout his chest. CPR pushed the blood through his broken heart into torn arteries in places we couldn’t repair.

The light in his eyes fluttered one last time as it fled his dying body.

All the bravado of the gunfight could not dispel the truth in his last words, “momma, momma, save me.”



Murder • Adventure • Revenge in Lake Tahoe



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When a radical right-wing militia group executes a police officer and ambushes Maya and her team of first responders on a Pacific Northwest city street, paramedic Maya Murphy’s world is turned on end.

After this traumatic event, she seeks emotional safety in the quiet mountain town of South Lake Tahoe. But while mountain biking on a beautiful trail, Maya and her two dogs discover a dead mountain biker, and she finds herself caught up in the aftermath of a much more personal campaign of revenge.

Set in the adventurous world of mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and paddleboarding, this atmospheric mystery will have you holding your breath every time Maya ventures into the great outdoors. It’s a book about learning to live in the moment, a reminder that merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be enough to set off a cascade of tragic events.

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