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Here is the Proof

Aftermath is a novel I wrote as I took stock of my years as a paramedic and created a different future.

In 2019, my husband and I found ourselves living in an old, converted barn in the Sierra Foothills after living in South Lake Tahoe. There I finally found the quiet time to sit down and put words on the pages of this novel. The story wrote itself. In fact, it was not the story that I had envisioned writing but sometimes there are stories that write themselves.

That was before the pandemic would rock our worlds. On the upside, the extended downtime of living through a pandemic afforded me more time to finish my novel. Three months later, the first draft was finished.

Then came the real work. As I followed the breadcrumbs on how to publish a book, the list of todos grew. Now three years later, I'm almost ready to launch my book into the world.

I can say, with complete confidence that writing and publishing a book is no small feat. Today when the proof arrived in the mail, I felt the first confirmation of all the hard work.

With a few final touches my book will be ready to launch on June 5th, my birthday. To preorder visit:

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Hi Lisa. Will this be on audible ?

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